July's Roaster: April

This month, we're proud to bring you coffee from April, and we sat down a while back with April's founder, Patrik Rolf to find out more about this exciting new roastery.


CB: Can you tell us about your coffee career to date?

My coffee career started at da Matteo in Gothenburg. If it wasn't for Matts Johansson, (founder of da Matteo), I would never have ended up in coffee. But I realised very early on that there was a lot of potential and I wanted to explore the industry more. I ended up in Berlin because I wanted an international perspective on what I was doing. After that it was time for me to start my own company, April Coffee Roasters. 
Which I did in Copenhagen in November last year. Copenhagen has always been one of my favorite cities and most importantly a city that inspires me. That is why I ended up here. 
Today we are putting all of our focus at April into improving the way we roast coffee. It is still a tiny operation. I only have one person helping me 1-2 days a week. But I am really enjoying having the company small which make it very flexible and dynamic. The goal with April is not to be everywhere but to work with clients around the world that share our view on quality. 
CB: What piece of coffee equipment could you not live without?
A Loring roast machine. Out of all the different machines I have been working with over the years, this is the one that suits my current way of roasting the most. 
CB: How do you see the coffee industry, and in particular, specialty coffee evolving over the next 5-10 years?
Hopefully, we will take more and more market share from the commercial market. Recent numbers tell us that we are at the moment growing, but the commercial market is growing just as fast. I want us to keep on exploring how to make tastier coffee. We already see parterns where companies are starting to own the full supply chain rather than just being one part in it and I think this will continue into the future as well.
CB: Can you tell us about your favourite coffee shop?
My favorite coffee shop is in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the Petra teams location, TOPAĞACI. All of their locations are truly unique. We need more identity in coffee. Every piece in that shop is carefully picked out by Kaan, the founder and owner - there is a story behind even the tiniest thing. You will never find another coffee shop like this in the world. And I think that is how it should be. 
CB: What can Curated Brew's customers expect from your coffee this month?
First of all a very clean coffee. Transparency is absolute key in what we do here at April. There are two very different coffees. First, a washed processed bourbon and caturra mix from San Florencio in Guatemala that is juicy, balanced with a lot of milk chocolate and stone fruit and that great apple like acidity you find so often in Guatemalan Coffee. The other one a washed processed Sl 28/34 from Kapsokisio in Kenya is a lot richer in taste, acidic with notes of black berry and blood orange - the red wine character to this coffee is really interesting. 
We try to approach all coffee so that you only taste the coffee. We don't want any character from the roast coming through in the cup. 

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