London Coffee Festival


Have you ever had that feeling that you have to grab an opportunity with both hands? Well I have. 


How did we end up at London Coffee Festival?

In January this year, just as I was just starting to build Curated Brew, I was considering how we could reach our target customer quickly and effectively. I thought of London Coffee Festival, and of how, just last year, I’d visited with my wife (then fiancé), and how she’d joked that it wouldn’t be long before I was exhibiting. The chance came much sooner than expected. 

So, from the 6th-9th April, we found ourselves exhibiting at one of the World’s top coffee events, London Coffee Festival.

Talor&Jørgen on show

Setup and industry days

We set up stand on the evening of Wednesday 5th, with a couple of posters, some coffee (including this month's Talor&Jørgen), and thousands of fliers, ready (we thought), for what was ahead of us.

Thursday and Friday were predominantly Industry days, welcoming all sorts of individuals involved in coffee commercially. This provided us with the perfect opportunity to meet lots of exciting roasters, some of whom we’re already planning to work with in the coming months, some who we had been hoping to work with in the future anyway, and some who we’d not been aware of! 

The industry days also gave us the chance to talk to industry experts about our business model, and we were happy to hear that everyone from Coffee Judge to Barista loved our approach, and many were extremely impressed with our coffee offering.

Curated Brew's stand

Meeting Customers

From Friday night onwards, the Old Truman Brewery was opened up to the general public. We found ourselves engaging with hundreds and hundreds of people, from those who were completely captivated by specialty coffee, others who were barely aware that it exists. 

Many of the people we spoke to were currently locked into subscription services, and were intrigued to hear that we offer a service where our members can opt-in and opt-out on a month by month basis. 

Every new member that signed up brought us a bolt of excitement, and even though, by Sunday afternoon, we were nearing exhaustion, we remained upbeat, and encouraged by the response to our membership program.

Curated Brew Flier

On reflection

As the crowds dwindled in the final hour, we spent a little time in reflection over the four days, and over Curated Brew’s growth over the past couple of months. What an amazing experience it is to build something that brings people joy when it comes through their letterbox every Month. We have very big plans for Curated Brew, but even now, with just 2 rounds of deliveries processed, we’ve seen that Curated Brew’s future is very bright indeed.

One thing we’d do differently at future events is to have a small brew bar, so that potential members can try out some of the coffees we ship to our members.

In considering the best way to reach potential members, we’re evaluating many options, and we’re currently looking for other coffee events around the U.K. If you think there’s one we should be attending, let us know in the comments section.

If you’re not already a member, make sure to sign up below for May’s coffee box, featuring the renowned Swedish roastery, Koppi!

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