The Daily Brew #1 - Ian Kissick of Curated Brew

Where do you see Curated Brew in 5 years?

We have some exciting plans for the next few years. Our main focus for now is on our subscription service, and as we  grow our subscriber base, we’re carefully considering how we can best communicate information to our members. As time goes on, we hope to leverage our user base to conduct investigations into coffee preferences and how palette evolves over time.
However, we’re not resting on our laurels, and we’ll be releasing our first iPhone application later this year, and a corresponding android version next year. This app will be the first in a suite of consumer tools making coffee more approachable, whether at home and when on the go.
Outside of the immediate Curated Brew bubble, I’ve begun training as barista, and it’s my hope that Curated Brew can open it’s first physical retail location in London in 4-5 years. We hope that this store will be a destination for coffee lovers, professional, and prosumer, and will feature some of the top roasters from across the globe.
I hope you’ll join us on our exciting mission to show the world how great coffee can be!

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