How it works

Wondering how Curated Brew works? Read on to learn how we choose our roasters, how we put together our monthly coffee boxes, and what future improvements we're working on.

We Test

Monthly cupping

Every month, we cup coffee (the coffee version of wine tasting), from our list of Europe's top roasters, and pick out our favourite. Then we begin our monthly collaboration with our chosen roaster, usually with a Skype call or a visit!

We Document

Monthly Documentation

We love chatting to our roasters. We get to know about their history, their ethos, and the coffees they're offering. We turn all this into a monthly Journal entry (here's our post for May's roaster Koppi), and make a little booklet to go along with our coffee deliveries.

They Roast

Monthly Roast

Once we've let the roaster know how much coffee we need for our members, they roast, pack and ship it to us. Depending on the roaster's location, we generally receive the coffee within 2-3 days of the roast date.

We Deliver

Monthly Delivery

Once we've got the coffee, we check that everything is in order, brew ourselves a "test" cup or two, and get packing. We aim to have the coffee on its way to you the next day. It's worth noting that the packaging won't ordinarily fit through your letterbox.

You Enjoy

Monthly Enjoyment 

This is the most fun part, we're sure you'll agree- just be sure to tag @curatedbrew on social media!

We Improve

Monthly Improvement

We're working on some very cool stuff at the moment, we'll be sure to let you in on the secret soon!